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Victor Escaffre-Fauré – Sponsorship and Partnership Officer

Victor Escaffre-Fauré is a student at the Catholic University of Lille, where he is studying for a Master's degree in International Relations. He specialises in the foreign policy of contemporary Russia, particularly in its "near abroad", i.e. the former Soviet space.


Author of several articles and works on this theme published by the think tanks Institut d'Étude de Géopolitique Appliquée (EGA Institute) and Werra, he also carried out an internship as a research assistant at the Centre d'Étude des Crises et des Conflits Internationaux (CECRI) of the Catholic University of Louvain on the stakes of informational and electronic warfare. He is currently in charge of partnerships/sponsorships for the Forum de Défense et de Stratégie.

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