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Our seminars take place in Paris, Aix-en-Provence and Berlin. The participants come from different professional backgrounds. They share a strong interest for defence and strategy-related questions (civil servants, soldiers, diplomats, people working in the industry sector, university researchers, politicians, etc.). During the two-day seminars, participants attend lectures and round tables with renowned experts in defence policy and international relations. They are divided in working groups each composed of around 15 participants and two or three speakers. These formats promote the participants’ interest in the lecture/panel subjects and encourage them to actively engage in the seminar.

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The seminars are all subjected to the Chatham House Rule. The aim is to create a space where everybody can freely exchange ideas and opinions. The events generally bring together around 45 participants and ten speakers.


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Our seminars offer:

  • Detailed contributions from experts, and panels with renowned speakers of various nationalities.

  • The opportunity to address current issues in defence policy and international relations through a Franco-German and/or a European lens

  • The possibility to discuss with renowned speakers

  • An attractive and relevant programme that links to current international developments

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