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Call for applications: France-Canada Future Leaders Programme on Defence Issues


This program aims to deepen Franco-Canadian strategic exchanges given the challenges that these two allies are currently facing, mainly in Europe and the Arctic, as a result of Russia's revisionist behaviour. In concrete terms, it aims to set up a network of up-and-coming Franco-Canadian personalities who will establish regular contacts. The group (10 people at least) will take part in two stays of around 4/5 days each, one in France (mainly Paris and a naval base in either Brest or Cherbourg) and the other in Canada (Ottawa, Montreal and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu). During these visits, a number of private events will be organized (workshops in restricted groups with certain political, military, diplomatic, academic or industrial leaders) and events open to the public (colloquia, conferences; a hybrid format allowing remote monitoring and re-broadcasting on You Tube preferred). Between the two visits (scheduled for March 2024 and May 2024), two workshops between the participants and one or two guests will be held online, focusing on tensions in the China Sea and the European security architecture (see Ukraine).

Preliminary detailed programme

Participants’ contribution

Participants will be invited to jointly draft 5 strategic notes during the project (1. Security and climate threats in the Arctic; 2. Security architecture in the Arctic; 3. Security architecture in Europe; 4. Multinational industrial and capability cooperation in relation to the challenges of the Arctic and the North Atlantic; 5. Future areas of conflict and tension in the world: focus on the China Sea). These 5 notes will form the framework of a Franco-Canadian mini-white paper on security architecture in the Arctic and Europe, on the possibilities for Franco-Canadian military cooperation, particularly in the field of military equipment, and on future challenges and tensions on the international scene. Speakers taking part in the public events will also be invited to submit a policy brief in connection with their presentation, which may be included in the mini-white paper. The strategy and policy briefs will be published and made available in English and French.


Applications for this program (February 2024 - July 2024) are now open until 15 January 2024. To apply, fill in the application form below, attach a CV and send it to,

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • The program aims to build a network of emerging leaders: it is therefore exclusively aimed at applicants aged under 40 on 1st  February 2024.

  • The program is open to French and Canadian nationals (permanent residents can apply).

  • As the program activities take place in French and/or English, a good mastery of at least one of the two languages (C1, C2) and a good passive understanding (oral and written comprehension) of the other is required.

  • Investment in the Program (participation in the two stays and workshops, interaction with other members) is expected on pain of exclusion.


No specific professional background or academic field is targeted: the selection process will seek to ensure

a diversity of profiles within the intake. Around ten auditors will be selected.

The administrators will cover the costs of the various network activities (transport, accommodation, catering)

for all participants.

The inaugural online meeting of network members will take place in February 2024.

Registration fee:

- 500 euros (non-refundable)

- Once selected and notified, candidates have 15 days to withdraw their applications.

- Once selected, candidates will have 15 days to pay the registration fee by bank transfer.

Failure to pay after this deadline may result in exclusion.


For further information, please contact,


Click here to download the application form.


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